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Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 179 was created in 1979. Harris County MUD No. 179 delivers water and treats wastewater for more than 250 single family residential households in the Copperfield Subdivision of Easton Commons. In addition, there are five apartment complexes and over 100 commercial business in the District. Over five thousand residents and businesses are served by the District.

The District joined the West Harris County Regional Water Authority (WHCRWA) in 2005. The District currently receives approximately 90% of our water from WHCRWA, but maintains the District’s water wells in order to supply water if emergency conditions arise.

In 2007 the District entered into a Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) with the City of Houston. The SPA authorizes annexation of a portion of the District by the City, but only for limited purposes. Under the SPA, commercial tracts along West Road and State Highway 6 have been annexed for limited purposes, and in those tracts there is a one percent (1%) local sales and use tax. Under the SPA, the District receives half (0.5%), and the City receives half. One stipulation of the SPA is that the City of Houston will not annex residential portions of the District during the term of the agreement, being thirty years.

The District is part owner of the Copperfield Regional Wastewater Plant which treats wastewater for six Utility Districts and more than 10,000 connections throughout Copperfield. The Wastewater Plant is located behind the fire station on Highway 6 and the District’s water plant is located at the northwest corner of Easton Commons subdivision adjacent to the Easton Commons Nature Park.

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