Drinking Water Quality Reports

Providing safe and reliable drinking water is the highest priority of the Board of Directors of Harris County Municipal Utility District #179. These reports summarize the quality of the water for the last several years that we provide to our customers. We hope this information helps you become more knowledgeable about what’s in our drinking water. Each year’s analysis was made using the data from the most recent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required tests and is presented in the water quality tables located in each year’s report.

Tests conducted during 2018 | Report published June 2019
Tests conducted during 2017 | Report published June 2018
Tests conducted during 2016 | Report published June 2017
Tests conducted during 2015 | Report published June 2016
Tests conducted during 2014 | Report published June 2015
Tests conducted during 2013 | Report published June 2014
Tests conducted during 2012 | Report published June 2013
Tests conducted during 2011 | Report published June 2012

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