Water and Wastewater Service

For over 30 years Harris County Municipal Utility District #179 has provided safe and reliable drinking and wastewater services to our customers. Our highly experienced and dedicated team embraces a fiscally responsible management practice while assuring compliance with regulatory requirements to protect the health of our customers and the environment. We also strive to provide these services and systems at the lowest cost to our customers, because we know that clean and dependable water is important to the health and lives of our residents.

Water Service

Harris County MUD #179 provides clean and reliable drinking water by maintaining and investing in our water delivery system infrastructure. The water delivery infrastructure consists of water storage tanks, pumping facilities, water well facilities and the water distribution pipelines, as well as a WHCRWA surface water supply line.

Wastewater Service

Harris County MUD #179 collects and treats wastewater by maintaining and investing in our wastewater collection system and treatment facilities. The Districts wastewater is treaded at the Copperfield Regional Wastewater Plant, in which Harris County Municipal Utility District #179 has a percentage ownership in.

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